Two Poems

by Lacie Semenovich Issue: Spring/Summer 2020

Global Warming Releases the Family Ghost

My permafrost softens, releasing you, father, like a dormant
bacteria, unfrozen and hungry for all the living things
twenty years out of your reach. You sat at Christmas 
dinner, you returned from the moon still loving us imperfectly. 

Without boundaries, you will not stay dead. Don’t wait for us 
on the outskirts of life, frozen like erratic sediment, held 
together with turquoise and amber disappeared for millennia. 
We cannot escape the universe’s chemistry. Kismet will bring 
us back together. Have faith. 

I hear your voice only in my dreams like an iceberg unfreezing
from time, melting into the future. I wake startled, afraid you need 
more than I can give, afraid you portent famines of the past, 
afraid I have not missed you rightly, that I fail loving 
you whom love drowned.

spring immigration

birds migrate across
borders as though countries
do not exist

Lacie Semenovich

Lacie Semenovich is the author of a chapbook, Legacies (Finishing Line Press, 2012). Her poetry has appeared in The Ghazal Page, Leveler, Muddy River Poetry Review, B O D Y, Nixes Mate Review, Misfit Magazine, and other journals.