No Need to Argue, Anymore

by Tanya Solonyka Issue: Spring/Summer 2020
No Need to Argue, Anymore

Artist's Statement

The time for arguing has passed and action needs to be taken if humanity is to survive the climate crises currently enveloping our globe. In my piece “No Need to Argue, Anymore,” I explore this theme and the desperation of time running short.

Tanya Solonyka

Tanya Solonyka’s photography, moody and full of depth of emotion, captures the soul of any subject she is portraying. Exploring themes such as mental health, the strength of women, as well as exploring the current climate crises, her work is powerful and full of symbolism. Self-taught and working out of Toronto, Canada, she has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally. Her photography has been recognized in juried competitions such as the Pollux Awards and the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards. She recently presented her first solo photography show “In the Quiet” with Hashtag Gallery for the Scotiabank Contact festival.