by Hugh Anderson Issue: Spring/Summer 2020

(Morning in Utopia)

What I would like to do
is put my socks on first (starting with the right one)
without thinking what bombs might fall today,

to sit on the edge of the bed 
and pull my pants over my knees without
knowing how the world burns.

What I would like to do
is watch the rain while buttoning my shirt
and not remember bodies on the shore.

I would drink my coffee quietly
in the pages of a book and picture
futures where my children’s children play.

It would be easier
than knowing how we die.

Hugh Anderson

Hugh Anderson lives on Vancouver Island which seems a pretty solid place in a world no longer certain of reality. Recent publications include The Willawaw Journal, Panoplyzine, Vallum, 3Elements Literary Review and forthcoming in Sin Fronteras. He has one Pushcart Prize nomination and a Best of the Web nomination.