by Marcia L. Hurlow Issue: Spring/Summer 2020

Banded snails are growing
paler shells to prevent
their bodies from baking.

The sea snake radiates
green light to find its prey
in fathoms further down.

Wild animals deprived
of native habitat
shrink to live in cities.

And these frogs with two heads:
what am I missing?
Their sleek, mottled bodies

can manage the extra 
eyes they need to witness,
and the neurons they need, 

as I do, to perceive 
the coming horror.

Marcia L. Hurlow

Marcia L. Hurlow is the author of one full-length collection of poetry, Anomie, and five chapbooks. More than 300 of her poems have been published in literary magazines, including Poetry, Chicago Review, Stand, Poetry Northwest, Zone 3 and Muse/A Journal.  She is the senior poetry editor of Kansas City Voices and recently was chosen for the cohort of Artist INC KC 2020 this fall.