Two Poems

by Jim Goar Issue: Spring/Summer 2019

Something Blue #21

When this divided house collides again and comes unbound
and sand reforms our social norms in ocean sound
the hills both wet and warm with mother’s milk
will loose the fire tooth in flags and of their ilk
flooding from the coast and what is burning from within
to make the new the same inclined to turn the other’s cheek again
these gains by smoke and mirror repeated and appraised
for those who’ve saved the most have others wrought what they have made
and those made pliant goods for gods are gathered need
each self-preservation undercut by reservations raised around endangered creed
so now this skin tight ghetto’s fashion forms a lesser kin
whose covered heart is pledged in warning signs embody each American
devoted confusion reigns when everyman is swept into a middle ground
and man is fused by what he hewed and not the other way around



Something Blue #25

As oil in dust refines our present tense we lie in past’s repose
this bit of shell soaked sea you heard greenhouse of glass by bit exposed
slow thaw bovine carved Frankenstein tinfoil touched nerve to solder broken fare
sheep’s empty suit disarms dispute chalk figures’ purple hearts bleed out in warming air
mild winter song of all went wrong encrypted traffic jams the frequency
a honeyed creed’s metastatic seeds commute in sweet hyperbole
advantage points remind anoints blue sky with glaze and ocean breeze
ingest what fors at surplus stores deadpan Fort Sumter’s antifreeze
bomb shelter feast mushroomed defeat byproduct of drunk hemlock paid
war chest of hay in geodesic way a pregnant pause before decay
confined what ticks what each has sought inside Tin Man a doomsday clock
when all the druthers come to naught born out of turn the scarecrows flock
unto midnight nonstick daylight high noon arrives in dark despair
no yellow road a rusted code the engine block beyond repair

Jim Goar

Jim Goar is the author of The Dustbowl, The Louisiana Purchase, and Seoul Bus Poems. He edits past simple and is an Assistant Professor at Elizabeth City State University.