My Beach

by Nelson Lowhim Issue: Spring/Summer 2019
My Beach

Artist's Statement

Cameras and the ease with which all of us can create a visual kind of porn is now ubiquitous. But I've been trying to move away from that forced framework of the, as David Hockney called it “Paralyzed Cyclops” and to something more like the experience we have with a place or trip. This is one such example.

Nelson Lowhim

Nelson Lowhim is a writer, artist, photographer and veteran. He has short stories, non-fiction, and art published in: Red Rock Review, Adbusters, Aaduna, 45th Parallel, Fearsome Critters, Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, BlazeVox, Tayo Literary Magazine,  Seattle Poetic Grid, The Mantle, Intersections International, Medium,, Artists Studios, and Afterwords (and is accepted at Callaloo!). He has many novels out including: The Struggle & Labyrinth of Souls. He was born in Tanzania, of Indian, Seychelles, and Euro background. He lived in India for a year. At age 10, he moved to the States (all over from the south to the west to the midwest to the east to Alaska) and currently lives in Seattle with his wife.