As Above So Below

by Aimee Bungard Issue: Spring/Summer 2019

Artist's Statement

As Above So Below is a series of root portraiture created with ink, acrylic, and coffee. A visual mediation, the images may be viewed from any direction that feels comfortable to the viewer. The energy movement depicted may change with the viewer’s perspective. They may be drawn in, dried out, and in stasis for the impending season or they may be expansive, pumping toward the joining of the source.

Aimee Bungard

Aimee Bungard is an artist living and working in rural Southwestern PA, sharing space with her guitar player husband, 3 free range kids, 2 Seussian mutts, and a Tortoiseshell fur Goddess. She decided in second grade that she wanted to be an artist and that was that. She lists Vincent Van Gogh, Auguste Rodin, Frida Kahlo, Giacometti, and Shel Silverstein as her earliest and ongoing inspirations.