A Veteran who Yearns for the Light at the End of the Tunnel

by Caity Carter Issue: Spring/Summer 2019

Artist's Statement

Spiritual subtleties enlighten my vision as I use my artistic approach to seek Truth in the ‘infinite I AM.’ The key to my artistic thought process is finding subject matter that often seeks the illumination of the mind’s eye and of the heart through finding inspiration from the world in which we live. I seek the Truth where I see it, whether it be political injustices or spiritual or mysterious inspiration. Be it a piece of me that speaks as a product of my upbringing, or as a rise from my deeper being. My visual voice manifests itself in various mediums that are all an extension of my being.

In the piece titled, ‘A Veteran who Yearns for the Light at the End of the Tunnel,’ I wanted to express the pain of veterans that commit suicide after returning from combat.

Caity Carter

Caity Carter is a graduate student at the Basel School of Art and Design in Basel, Switzerland. She obtained a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University. Caity’s work has been displayed in the United States and Europe, and she been an Artist in Residence in Alaska and Chicago. She has also worked in the entertainment and advertising industries as a professional graphic designer.