Visual Art

by Robert Bharda Issue: Spring/Summer 2017

Artist’s Statement

‘Pareidolia’ is a psychological term which refers to an involuntary human subconscious philia for ‘seeing faces in everything.’ ‘Hypnogogia’ describes a similar phenomenon referring to images, some of us, including myself, begin to witness in that 30 – 60 second zone between consciousness and sleep, mainly faces that warp and weft in a constantly changing fog-like stream. Both states are prime creative ground for my ‘work.’

When a fractal pattern is broken, be it the structure of a leaf or a sea shell, pure ‘quanta’ leaps out. In that distortion, or ‘smearing’ erupts salient/powerful visual content for the artist’s eye, and when successfully shared with the viewer creates the quantum physics-like state of ‘entanglement.’

‘Entanglement’ is the ‘whole motion.’ What each of us experiences can never be the same, but there are similarities defined by culture, our neural networks, shared memory and perhaps even from an intuitive webbing of yet a fully realized psychic sixth sense that produces a synchronicity of ‘recognition.’ A vibration/gravity wave/echo/resonation of emotion is then shared/embraced.

My “Quanta Smears” are composed entirely from templates of natural/organic elements: flowers, leaves, berries, cones, seashells, stones, mushrooms, grasses, leaf ‘tar spots, onion skin,’ et al.


Blue Waterfall

Water Lilies

River Grasses


Algae Rhythms

Robert Bharda

Originally from New York City, Robert Bharda has resided in the Northwest U.S. for the last 35 years, where he has specialized in vintage photographica as a profession, everything from salt prints to polaroids. His illustrations/artwork have appeared in numerous publications, both in the U.S. and abroad, and are currently on covers ofNaugatuck River Review, Blue Five NoteBook, and within recently published issues of Cirque and Rio Grande Review.  Also a writer, his poetry, fiction and critical reviews have been published in The North American Review, Northwest Review, Shenandoah, Quarterly West, Willow Springs, ACM, Cutbank, Fine Madness, Kansas Quarterly, Yellow Silk, Poets On, Conclave and many others, including anthologies.