Mountains’ Appalachian

by Peter Specker Issue: Spring/Summer 2017
Mountains’ Appalachian appellations
like The Green, The White and the Pocono –

Mountains rolling without moving, largely
still, seemingly rubbed round, though actually
erased-around –

Where wildflowers in crowds will blossom out
with a small smell, and odor iota
bees can pick up: though it’s itsy, it is.

Peter Specker

TWIXT is the mononym-onym of poet Peter Specker; he has had poetry published in Margie, The Indiana Review, Amelia, California State Quarterly, Emry’s Journal, RE:AL, Pegasus, First Class, Pot-pourri, Art Times, The Iconoclast, Epicenter, Subtropics, Quest, Confrontation, Writers’ Journal, Rattle, Prairie Schooner, The Prairie Journal(Can), Stand (UK), Tulane Review and so many others.  He lives in Ithaca, New York.