Green Nostalgia

by Tanya Huntington Issue: Spring 2018

Artist's Statement

As a poet and artist, I take nothing for granted. I am particularly inclined to register and process the sorts of changes that can take place in a seemingly immobile landscape from one moment to the next. I am, moreover, obsessed with the question as to whether it is possible to displace human beings from the center around which art revolves. Solastalgia is a multidisciplinary project dedicated to exploring my nostalgia for solitude in Nature in an era that has come to be known as the Anthropocene. I thus seek to evoke and portray the ripples sent across the humanities by our growing realization that forests, once ubiquitous and all-encompassing, are swiftly being reduced to parcels and devastated. The photographic mosaic entitled Green Nostalgia is composed of 256 Giclée photographs mounted on foam board measuring 10 x 10 cm each. It represents my repeated forays into remote natural reserves across Mexico.


Tanya Huntington


Tanya Huntington (USA, 1969) is a binational visual artist and writer who resides in Mexico City. She is the Managing Editor of the bilingual webzine Literal: Latin American Voices and author of the books of poetry A Dozen Sonnets for Different Lovers (Ediciones Acapulco, 2015) and Return (Motín Poeta, 2009). She holds a doctorate in Latin American Literature from the University of Maryland at College Park and has taught courses both there and at the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana in Mexico City. She has contributed to public television and radio programs on culture and art, such as El Letrero and Reverso for Canal 22, Lo Sonado for Radio Horizonte of the IMER, and PuntoDoc for tvUNAM. Her visual art has been exhibited in the United States and Mexico and selected by prestigious venues such as the FEMSA Biennale in Monterrey, Mexico. In 2011, she received a grant from the Mexican Fund for Culture and the Arts, FONCA, to support her current interdisciplinary project, dedicated to exploring nature. Her poems, art, and articles have been published by Comment Is Free of The Guardian, the Laberinto section of the newspaper Milenio, and the magazines Casa del Tiempo, df, Diario de Cuba, Este País, Hoja por hoja, Langosta Literaria, Letras Libres, Literal, Metrópolis, National Geographic Traveler, Nexos, Sin Embargo, Periódico de Poesía, Transtierros, and El Huevo.