by Marcia Krause Bilyk Issue: Spring 2016

Artist’s Statement

Twenty-five years ago I moved from Manhattan to rural New Jersey. The transition to life in the country was painful at first. I was accustomed to the city’s noise, colors, and commotion. The quiet of my new surroundings seemed lonesome and — I’m now embarrassed to admit — boring in comparison. I decided to take my first photography course at the local community college. Camera in hand, I began exploring nearby fields, woods, and backroads. Over the ensuing years, these meditative walks have brought me into communion with Nature’s ever-unfolding, understated beauty. It has calmed my soul.

Marcia Krause Bilyk

Marcia Krause Bilyk is a photographer, essayist, and hospice volunteer who lives in rural New Jersey with her husband and three dogs. Her photos have appeared in BrevityTiferet Journal, and Adirondack Review.