Archangel, the Cat

by Janice Fuller Issue: Spring 2016
                after brain surgery

My lint-roller is coated with hair,
white from Gabriel’s belly and neck.
When I lean into the mirror each morning,
nothing can keep him from circling
his halo on my black trouser legs,
from inscribing with the oil of his face
a black stripe along the white bathroom tile.

When I first came home,
I’d feel him patting my cheek as I slept,
right by the incision, his claws withdrawn.
My paw here.  My paw lightly resting.

These days when I cook he likes
to slide by in the narrow galley,
his tail tipping against me.
I’m here.  Right here.
The way I pat a friend’s shoulder
in a crowd.  Hello.  I’m here.  
Among all these bodies, 

Janice Fuller

Janice Moore Fuller has published four poetry collections, including Séance from Iris Presswinner of the 2008 Oscar Arnold Young Award (North Carolina poetry book of the year).  Her most recent poetry book, On the Bevel, was published in 2014 by Cinnamon Press in north Wales.  A regular workshop leader in Wales and England and at the Wildacres Writers’ Workshop, Fuller is the Weaver Endowed Chair of Humanities, Writer-in-Residence, and Professor of English at Catawba College in Salisbury, NC.