In the Beginning

In the beginning

In the Beginning

Lisa Thorpe

Lisa Thorpe, as an artist, is an explorer and observer first. She likes to wander and wonder, let things percolate while she ponders. She has numerous sketchbooks full of chicken scratch drawings and cryptic thoughts. Over time (and often during a long hot shower) an idea will keep rising to the surface, and she might even push that thought bubble below the surface, telling it "I don’t have time for you," but the best ideas won’t pop and so she moves on from thought to action. She has used many mediums over the years from fabric to painting to printing and collage but the unifying thread through all these mediums is a love of the puzzle. She likes to problem solve, to piece and play with an idea until it can take shape as a visual idea.

She loves words and word play so words are often woven in the work and the work is woven in words. Throughout, no matter the medium, she plays with the verbal and the visual. In that vein she has and artist journey blog. The blog pushes her to try new things, to play and produce and articulate both visually and in prose her ideas and inspirations. It has been a significant experiment, rewarding and daunting all at once. To create something and then share it with world almost immediately is both thrilling and terrifying. But what is art for if not to share, if not to pique and poke? So that is her goal, her quest, her passion, to share art, to have conversations, to both reflect on and reflect back the wonders of the world she navigates. 

She has been fortunate to be published in both technique magazines such as Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors and in art journals such as Cold Mountain Review. Find her at