Human dew

for Holly Wren Spaulding

It takes a tender heart
to let tears flow
in the virtual classroom

But given the right poem
and enough despair
the screen dissolves

and we are sitting in a circle
under a great green tree

Moira Walsh

Moira Walsh was born in Michigan under the first full moon of 1979 and has lived and worked on three continents — as a farmhand, baker, receptionist, cleaner, support person, and performing artist. She currently freelances as a translator and copywriter in southern Germany. In 2020, Moira’s poems and collaborations appeared in Denver Quarterly, High Shelf, Hummingbird: Magazine of the Short Poem, and elsewhere. She is the 2021 Anne-Marie Oomen Fellow at Poetry Forge and a 2021 Thomas Lux Scholar at the Palm Beach Poetry Festival.