From Invasive Species

Artist's Statement

“From this moment on, knowing what is happening to the planet, to what do I devote my life?”
Dahr Jamail—The End Of Ice.

This series is grounded in the lineage of the botanical cyanotype, but its subjects are plants that are invasive in the area where I live and work, the Hudson Valley in Upstate New York. Because of human activity, these plants were all introduced, either deliberately or accidentally into an area where they had never previously existed and have thrived, out-competing the native plants, and thus reducing biodiversity. One day a visitor pointed out to me a large plant that was in fact Japanese Knotweed, which is extremely invasive. As I was looking for ways to document adverse human impacts on the environment I thought invasive plants would make an interesting subject, since I did not need to travel to some exotic landscape - they are all around us. I began to use elements from the environment of the plants, such as water from the Hudson River, to interact with the Cyanotype chemistry, thus creating an expressionistic feel to the work that alludes to the horror of our destruction of the biosphere.

Sam Scoggins

Sam Scoggins (b. 1958) is a graduate of the London College Of Communication and was awarded his M.A. from the Royal College Of Art (1983). Following a 10 year period in academia at Canterbury Christ Church University, Scoggins pursued a successful career as the Creative Director of a web design agency overseeing the design and production of over 150 websites and as the Managing Director of an internet software development company. In 2007 Sam Scoggins relocated to the US and has refocused his career on his fine art practice, which incorporates a conceptual and aesthetic interest in the intersection of environmental concerns with landscape photography. Scoggins work has been screened at juried experimental Film Festivals world-wide and shown in solo, two-person and group exhibitions in the US. Sam Scoggins lives and and works near Woodstock, New York State, and in London, UK.