From Æsthesis

Artist's Statement

Æsthesis feeds the need of revolution, a transvaluation of all the previous supposition about pseudo-classical delightfulness in contemporary art approach; a new way to intend art itself, beauty and social awareness inside a chaotic world of injustice, pollution, and unreliability. There's no 'How,' there's no 'Why'—is just necessary. In this way, considering as fundamental our past, our origins and our future possibilities, we can't deny ourselves a new way to perceive art, a way in which we can see together past, present and (as of the end of our synthesis) future. This all-encompassing process of fusion (an idea that I've already developed and structured in different approaches in other projects) is now processed in two different points. 

I. Visual Content: the intermediation between Hellenic, or Classic Art and modern structure as Industries or roads, cargos, etc.;

II. Used methods: the digital elaboration gives the possibility to explore from a different point of view the process that generates art itself and how effectively the art isn't relegated to a precise place, but it's a general, human process due to the Zeitgeist.

So, for these reasons, Æsthesis tries to show how the art's possibilities aren't linked to the «hic et nunc», but are a sort of specter of our collective consciousness.

Matteo Bona

Matteo Bona was born on January 1st, 1997, in Asti (Piedmont, Italy). He studied at the Public Scientific Lyceum Francesco Vercelli. Now he studies Foreign Languages and Modern Literature at the Università del Piemonte Orientale. He published his first poems' collection “Oltre la Poesia - Anche la creazione muore” during 2015 and “Il senso del nulla” (Eng. "Nothingness sense") in January 2018. He received the Roma Tre Academic Prize “Apollo Dionisiaco” for the Unpublished Poem and the “Cesare Beccaria” Prize for Figurative Art, both during 2016. He has published the 'Cesare Beccaria' prizewinner artwork into the Garfield Lake Review (2018 Issue), paper journal of the Olivet College (Michigan State, USA). Other artwork's publications accepted in American journals and magazines: "Boredom and other human vices", 805 Lit+Art; "Verlangen", Mangrove Journal (Miami University); "Die Lebensmüdgkeit", Memoir Magazine; "Die Lebensmüdgkeit", GNU Journal; "Die Vernichtung", Tenth Street Miscellany; “Verlangen”, New Plains Review (Central Oklahoma University); “The Aesthetic of the Renewal”, Waxing & Waning; "Urban Nietzsche", Rebel Satori Press; "Onyria", Sink Hollow; "Das Sezieren bei Lebensmüdigkeit", Oakland Review (Carnegie Mellon University). In July 2018, he published Preludi (Montag Editore), a collection of stories dealing with the troubles in the contemporary existentialism. At the end of November 2018, he published Le feritoie d’alabastro (Ofelia Editrice). The author published in 2018 a graphic project for Cold Mountain Review called “Die Vernichtung” and he won the Appalachian State University Readers’ Choice Award for that project. In October 2019 he received the Roma Tre Academic Prize “Apollo Dionisiaco” for Figurative Art.