An Extension Cord to the Heart of the Sun

by Thomas Osatchoff Issue: Fall/Winter 2019 Special Issue on Margins

Just as
our hearts do.


the yellow narra door lets through a sword
of light. Split amboyna

heartwood into
reddish brown massacre. Burl knife 

through the golden door
to let in an extension cord

to the sun.
Douglas Fir,

today we are going to learn
about firefighters.

 The forest is very quiet tonight.
Hear it breathing. Western Hemlock, 

there's a trail through the trees.
In, out. Western Red Cedar,

you will give us strength of lasers
if we stand with our backs against you.

Canoes, baskets, masks,
coffins, totem pole justice in BC.

There are many forests. Eg, The Battle
of Teutoburg Forest, 9 CE.

Start over.

Just as
our hearts do.

Thomas Osatchoff

Thomas Osatchoff, together with family, is building a self-sustaining home near a waterfall. Recent poems have appeared in Abstract: Contemporary Expressions, Breakwater Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, and elsewhere.