A Work

by Nurit Cederboum Issue: Fall/Winter 2019 Special Issue on Margins

Artist's Statement

My work as an artist is a kind of inquiry and research. The art's materials, which I find and collect, are my 'research tools'. At the creative process and the act of the artistic activity, I occupied consciously and unconsciously with 'self-portraiture'. It can be the image that reflected from the mirror or the voice  that came from inside me, It is always 'self – portrait' that kip question the Socratic's question 'who am I.' It is an artistic and psycho quest that speaks not only about me but also about human being.

The Art process, using the various materials and medium the combination between them using techniques invent new techniques – are part of my investigation on this endless journey. The language of art this that already exist and this that comes out suddenly through the creativity process become my voice ' which tells me something else about soul, materiel, persona' human being and society. This encounter between the creation process and me and with the product itself creates an endless meeting that repeat itself repeatedly like ritual, which always brings different faces. Thus, I return and come back to an old works of art (of mine), keep a new "conversation" with it and both of us going through a path of transformation. 

Nurit Cederboum

Dr. Nurit Cederboum is an Israeli visual artist, poet, writer, researcher, curator and lectured. From 1976 to 2018, she lived in the Krayot area, and operated in Haifa and the Western Galilee in 2018, she relocated to Netanya and established an art studio in Tel Aviv. Zederboim was accepted to the Haifa Painters and Sculptors Association, was a part of the Exhibitions Committee, participated in group exhibitions, and presented solo exhibitions. She created murals, stage backdrops, participated in environmental and social art projects. she has published 4 poetry books, and her poems were published in magazines and nationwide newspapers.