Trigger Warning

by Josephine Blair Issue: Fall 2018 Special Issue on Justice
even breaths. boy asks
"will your shoes fit my feet
when i grow up,
officer?" hands raised, he falls. exhales
a dream. (it sliced
the light like a metal barrel.)

                                                                                                            yesterday they were
                                                                   dandelion puffs / ready or not, here i come
                                                                                                                             all of them
                                                                  dodging tar-covered roots / the floor is lava

the sandbox is blood
but it's not my son and i don't have time
would you rather
be lynched or do the lynching?
it's uncomfortable, isn't it
to realize both are still happening

realize Uncle Sam's cabin
is being renovated in your living room
a boy is dead
and we cover his family in dirt
struck down from trees

gently, because we care about the environment, and racism
doesn’t really exist
anymore.                                                          it's not with nooses, it's with arrogance
                                                                                                                                we do this
                                                                       then go home and ask "what's for dinner?"

Josephine Blair

Josephine Blair is a 26-year-old writer and activist. She has recently moved to Brooklyn from Miami, and is looking forward to a life of snowy winters and lively bookstores. Her work has been published in Epiphany Magazine, Meniscus Literary Journal, Soliloquies Anthology, and elsewhere. For more information, she can be found at