Sweet Crude Eschatology

by Lloyd Milburn Issue: Fall 2018 Special Issue on Justice
Some still need stones of holy brooks,
but spirits of most full-cycle rivers
dance only in museum exhibit wax eyes,
or on the rolls of film that killed them.

Rachel still weeps while Dioxin fruits
leach into corporate bodies of work now
faceless, fueled by rancid corks igniting,
bobbing together in sweet crude.

Maybe this is the sign of the wolf's bone
gnawed clean through: even cormorants,
those ravens of the sea, fall silent
during this shockingly brief spring,

and give way to suffocating debris,
each nation's flotsam quota sent away,
only to be returned by Triton's last gasps
of frothy retribution.

Lloyd Milburn

Lloyd Milburn has been teaching creative writing, literature, and composition in western New York colleges for over 14 years. He earned a creative writing MA degree after workshops and courses with Li-Young Lee, Anthony Piccione, William Heyen, and Marvin Bell. His poetry has been published in Willow Review (poetry award 2012), Panoplyzine, Ithaca Lit, Modern Poetry Quarterly Review, Synesthesia Literary Journal, Talking River, and Gravel. He is currently completing his first two books of poetry. A personal interest in synesthesia informs his writing and music recordings. His first CD Elekriti is available on itunes.