by Julia Justo Issue: Fall 2018 Special Issue on Justice

Artist's Statement

My work traverses photography, paint, and embroidery and reflects on the social and political powers that affect me, an immigrant and a Latin woman, and my community. Typically, law enforcement officers and immigrants are the protagonists of my work. Separated by class, gender, and social status, my characters have hybrid gender identities. The officers are placed upside down with an intent to disrupt power structures while the immigrants are the ones who feel the deepest impacts of systemic power imbalances.

I often work from vintage pictures that I manipulate with modern technology. I use them to illustrate the flow of time and to throw light on current social conflicts. I believe that the role of the artist is to give society the tools to resist discrimination and to protest all other injustices.

Julia Justo

Julia Justo currently lives in New York and was born in Argentina in 1963. She is a mixed media artist that combines digital technology, painting, and embroidery. Justo earned an MFA with a concentration in Painting from the National University of Argentina. She has received many awards including a “Certificate of Recognition,” selected by Laura Phipps, Curator The Whitney Museum of American Art (2017) the First Prize Provincial Museum of Buenos Aires (1995), and the Silver Medal Provincial Tourism of Rome, Italy (1993). She has also had her work shown extensively in the USA and abroad.