[Think of how it would be]

Think of how it would be
if pine trees in their groves
were made,
like so many other things
these days,
of metal
or plastic
or plastic made to resemble metal,
something inexplicable
to me.

Think of the clatter
they would make if the wind
sifted through their needles,
the immeasurable tapping of
their infinitesimal fingers,
the noise, the noise,
the racket of everything needless
we have designed
to announce itself

Find yourself a forest
to think of it in
and think of it.

the blessing
of being surrounded
by trees still made
of tree,

which has always been a living thing
that is mostly silent.

Robin Myers

Robin Myers, raised in New Jersey, is currently based in Mexico City and works as a translator. Her work has appeared in The Offing, Big Lucks, the Sonora Review, Gulf Stream Literary Magazine, Tupelo Quarterly, ELKE: A Little Journal, and New Millennium Writings (as the first-place winner of their 41st contest). She is the author of AMALGAMA / CONFLATIONS, published in Mexico as a bilingual collection (Ediciones Antílope, 2016).