Noah & The Earthworms

by Bryan Harvey Issue: Fall 2017 Special Issue on Extinction
When Noah inspected the gardens
(after the great deluge),
an exorbitant amount
of earthworms puzzled him,
for he had saved not even one.

Yet here were the earth’s intestines—
numerous and exposed—
squirming defiantly in the joints
of their maker’s plots:

Neither drowned in a mescal rain
nor sculpted into sunlit scabs,
the boors formed a writhing
bridge and tunnel system
toward the tomato plants
and their blood red arks.

Bryan Harvey

Bryan Harvey's poetry and fiction have appeared in The Florida Review, Bluestem Magazine, The Harpoon ReviewThe Rufous City Review, and Cold Mountain Review. He blogs for Fansided's The Step Back and The Classical and is the author of Everything That Dunks Must Converge and With the Memphis Blues Again. While living and teaching in Virginia, he tweets frequently @Bryan_S_Harvey.