by Nia Martin Issue: Fall 2016 Special Issue on Forests

Artist's Statement 

As the product of two parents who love art and cinema, it was perhaps inevitable that a fascination with images would form as soon as I was old enough to hold a camera. I began by taking photos on film, developing my work in a darkroom when I was thirteen years old. Though the technology has changed over time, my obsession with visual storytelling remains the same. Stories, in whatever form they take, are the biggest source of inspiration in my work.

Each place we inhabit tells a story, sometimes with a scream, and sometimes with a whisper. My work is often inspired by the stories I discover in the Pacific Northwest, where I currently call home. The horizon is strewn with mountains and skyscrapers, an intersection between urban landscape and untamed nature. My choice of subjects, within this environment, are a reflection of the intimacy between myself and the diverse compositions I encounter. These current photos are a meditation on the forests of the Northwest, at once lush and romantic, dark and wild.

Nia Martin

Nia Martin is a photographer living and working in Seattle. She received her B.A. in Film Studies and Art History from Smith College. Subsequently, she attended the Masters Certification program at the Seattle Film Institute in Film & Video Production and completed a program in Photography and Creative Writing at the Hellenic International Studies in the Arts in Paros, Greece. In addition to running her own small photography business, she currently works as a freelance writer and editor for Tiger Oak Media.