"there's no through trail" —Han-Shan, translated by Gary Snyder

Editor's Note
Fall/Winter 2019 Special Issue on Margins
Volume 48, Number 1

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In his 2001 collection Seek: Reports from the Edges of America and Beyond, Denis Johnson sought to write from what we might have then called the “fringes” of society because that is where, as one reviewer put it, you confront the truth. Nietzsche said famously, “We have art in order to not die of the truth.” But it seems lately we’ve nearly died from an absence of the truth, an avoidance that, intentional or not, has left us perilously close to both fascism and environmental collapse. Cold Mountain Review has always been committed to work from the “margins” (I’m bragging here, I know), but we, the editorial staff, wanted to make that commitment more explicit. The result is the issue you hold in your hands: poetry, prose, and visual art from, for, and by the “margins.” Because, at the risk of sounding pretentious, that’s where you confront the truth.  


Mark Powell